ready-to-Assemble Acoustic Room

A self-deployable room with impeccable acoustics.

The Nuraghe is an autonomous acoustic room system that makes possible for the customer to assemble it by himself.

This kit has a construction system based on blocks, which are connected without screws or glue, making the deployment of an acoustic room in record timing and ready for use. The smart design and eco-firendly simplicity provides great flexibility to use the same room system for different purposes: Video, Audio, Meetings, or Quiet space.

You’ve never seen anything so fast

Whether you are a technology amateur or a professional techy

The Nuraghe room kit avoids waisting material, unnecessary time, money and efforts. With a simple step by step process and a few conventional tools you can put together a Nuraghe in a record timing, beating any traditional installation.

Democratizing the world of acoustic rooms 

Hands-on, revolutionary and straightforward.

The installation of acoustic rooms frequently require engineers and special construction materials that can be very expensive. At Engineos we believe that creating an appropiate atmosphere for audio recoding or videoconferencing should be easy. Finding the proper location can be challenging, but even more difficult is to have the room to the appropiate standards. Traditional approches requires coordination of: Facilities Managers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Planners, Fire brigades, Landlords,…and that requires a lot of extra effort and time to deploy your technology. Using the Nuraghe self-deployable room provides an alternative shortcut to a lenghtly and sometime overwhelming construction process.


Pairing your technologies* with the Nuraghe room kit offers the capacity to install it:

On a tradeshow.

In a corporate Office.

At Home.

Into a Manufacturing Facility.

*The Nuraghe room is compatible with numeros technologies in the market and can be customized under your request. Additionally we can have our team of engineers to study your technical requirements.

Finishes & Styles.

The Nuraghe design can be setup in different Interior styles to meet the needs of each customer. With 18 different freedom degrees you can configure the Nuraghe the way you want. Under request we can personalize the room to blend it with your corporate look and atmosphere.


Affordable, Simple & Efficent


Beatiful, Sheer & Comfortable


Classy, Smart & Executive

Blending it.

The Nuraghe can also be customized with different external finishes, conferring the capacity to blend it easily with the environment. For extra appeal external LED halo or integrated monitors can be adapted.

in a Lobby

in a Hub

in a Corridor


    Nuraghe click and drag

    Nuraghe Turn around

    Take a look to every single side of Nuraghe. Drag over the Image.

    Features & Upgrades.


    Relocatable asset with smooth logistics.


    Define the size you need.


    Make your room stand out.


    Impecable acoustic performance.


    Simple, silent & quick deployments.


    A robust and beatiful product.

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