Free standing room

An Immersive Package
to install TelePresence
in Open Spaces.

The Ziggurat is a pre-manufactured architectural kit that makes possible to install TelePresence Technologies in an Open Space..

A package specially designed to create trully immersive atmosphere taking the TelePresence experience to a whole new level.

It includes everything you need for an optimal immersive meeting: acoustic walls, ceiling, flooring, decoration, air conditioning and lighting. A solution that rigorously solves all the technical and technological requirements adding an innovative, attractive and sexy design.


Making Immersive TelePresence easier to deploy

The installation of Immersive TelePresence systems require dedicated spaces within the company Workplace.
Finding the proper location can be challenging, but even more difficult is to have the room to the appropiate standards.
Traditional approches requires coordination of: Facilities Managers, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Planners,Fire brigades, Landlords,…and that requires a lot of extra effort and time to deploy the technology.
Using the Ziggurat freestanding room provides an alternative shortcut to a lenghtly and sometime overwellming construction process.
This package has been designed to meet Cisco’s* TX9000 or CTS3010 RRA test.

Getting the most out of your Workplace

Certain pre-manufactured immersive room kits are ideal for pre-existing rooms, but those spaces are not always avaliable.
The Ziggurat free standing system was specially designed for those companies that want to deploy their TelePresence system in open plan areas.
The components of the kit were specially designed to provide an appealing external image and the flexibility to customize the graphics or embeded wall technology to suit our customer corporate branding.
The Ziggurat kit doesn’t require to be fixed against the floor or ceiling. All the componentes are attached to the self-supporting structure, which expands the posibilities to deploy your Technology in spaces that wouldn’t be so readily accesible.

Pairing your Immersive Technology* with the Speos room kit, offers the capacity to install it:

On a station hub

At a reception lobby

for an exibithion center

into a manufacturing facility

Finishes & Styles.

The Ziggurat design comes in three different styles to meet the needs of each customer.
Each style comes with a variety of finishes to choose from.
If required the room can be personalized to blend it with your corporate look and atmosphere.


Affordable, Simple & Efficent


Beatiful, Sheer & Comfortable


Classy, Smart & Executive

Blending it.

The Ziggurat can be customized with different external finishes, conferring the capacity to blend it easily with the environment.
For extra appeal external LED halo or integrated monitors can be adapted.

in a Lobby

in a Hotel

in a Industry


Features & Upgrades.


Makes your TelePresence stand out.


Impecable technical performance.


Fits to your required dimensions.


Rollout consitently accorss the world.


Includes all the required components.


Gets your costs in line.