The Engineos Nuraghe it’s build through the repetition of specially designed modules, available in different sizes. A system that provides a level of simplicity never seen before.

Our products are built from blocks, multiple of 30cm (30×30, 30×60, 60×60, 60×90) and this allows to fine-tune the size and cost for each situation.


The blocks assembly is free of hardware, does not require perforations or screws, ensuring a comfortable, clean, quick and completely silent deployment process.

Our patented easy assembly technology, requires no technical expertise, allowing you the option to mount it yourself and saving time and money as well.


Play with different Colors, Textures, Digital Printing and Lighting and transform your Nuraghe to be unique, or blend perfectly into your space.

Our products can be customized with 18 degrees of freedom to adjust the product to your convenience, and adapt it to large number of areas of usability.

Another benefit of using the Nuraghe system is it’s repetability to create consistent design across all your locations globally.


Thanks to the Nuraghe’s modular system, the scalability options are endless.

Ranging from 1,2 x 1,2 mts to 6 x 8 mts with heights from 2,1 to 3,6 mts. it can be deployed into a room also, regardless of the available dimensions and proportions.


During the Nuraghe design process, Engineos consulted a team of engineers from both, the music and audiovisual industry, to ensure that the resulting product meets high acoustic and lighting standards.

The Nuraghe has been tested extensively in acoustic laboratories and has provided impecable isolation results.


Engineos has invested a considerable amount of time to develop the Nuraghe, specially to optimize the packaging of components, ensuring perfect logistics and quick delivery anywhere around the world.

The packaging of our products is designed on standard pallets (1200x800mm), allowing cargo shipment through any standard door and elevator.

The Nuraghe is collapsible and movable asset with no dilapidations. It can be easily transported, assembled and, if necessary, dismantled.


The robust aesthetics and the finishes have been carefully selected to provide a reliable and durable solution. Noble materials such as wood and high quality carpets are standard in the package.
Decors, lighting and ventilation systems are also available to upgrade the Nuraghe kit to your required needs.