The Ziggurat geometry makes the TelePresence experience both technically optimal and aesthetically pleasant.
The chamfered corners substantially improve the sound quality, resulting in higher transmission and lower reverberation.
The shape of the room enhances the complicity link between the carmera view and the screen placement whilst providing an appealing image.


All the materials have been selected to create the proper atmopshere that emphasizes the genuine condition of a collaborative space with impecable acoustics.
It has been designed with special care on the camera view, with colors and textures to render low latency images without compromising crisp results.
At Engineos we whished to create the feeling of a magic capsule, providing an extraordinary thing, in some way… a journey.
A solution that rigorously solves all the technical and technological requirements adding an innovative, attractive and sexy design.


The modular Ziggurat system provides unique flexibility for perfect fitting into any room.
It can even unfold in rooms with special characteristics and proportions, making out the most of every existing space.


The Ziggurat kit provides a variety of advantages over traditional remediation.
With dry and modular assemblies that provides speedy construction and making your rollouts faster and more manageable
Replicating the process identically all over the world results in consitent design and significant reduction of times in a major scale.
These benefits together with the high quality finishes, makes the Ziggurat a first class technical and functional solution.


Ziggurat includes everything you need for an optimal TelePresence experience.
The walls and ceiling constitute the perfect isolating and acoustic wrap to achieve all the system requirements as well as to provide an outstanding sound quality.
Including Flooring, Finishes, Electrical distribution as well as Dimmable lighting to achieve the critical lux levels to pass Cisco RRA certifications.
Optionally you can request Furniture and Air conditioning to offer maximum comfort as well as achieving the correct temperature requirements.


With the special Self Standing structure, the Ziggurat waves out the need to do difficult modifications on your walls.
Efficient use of materials, energy and minimal waste, provides an environmentally friendly solution.
Nevertheless the most valuable feature for our customers are the complete control over their remediation costs.