The Speos package includes
Self-Standing Structure
Modular Enclosure for sound isolation and privacy
Finishes with high rate absortion ratios
Optional Acoustic entrance Door with flexible postioning and acoustic gasket
No wall fixing required
No construciton permits required
Installation and Project Management
Optional Door to Door Logistics

Standard / Premium / Executive Finishes avaliable
Carpet tiles (optionally with liquid repellent & sound absorver)
Wall paneling with several textures and colors
Specially Designed in Camera View Panelling
High resistance Skirting (optional acoustic abosrtion)
Customer Branding avaliable

Power & Electrics
CEKON feed Distribution Box
230/240V 16/32Amp
Quick pluggable connections
Multiple sockets with independent circuit and trip sensibility

Integrated Dimmable Lighting
Multiple color, temperature, models and options avaliable

  • Flurosecent / LED
  • Semi-Indirect / Direct Diffuse
  • Standard/Premium/Executive

Outlets avaliable and subject to customer requirements

Multiple solutions subject to prevailing customer conditions and requirements

  • Independent or Self-Contained HVAC
  • High Perfromance Split-Inverter
  • Reducting of existing HVAC