the Moai consists in closed sections tube profiles that support your TX1310 technology.
It is coded into the it’s design and it has been developed to make the most of the material. With improved stiffness and premium joints, it has been optimized to get strenght with a resulting light weight configuration.


Anywhere and any direction, that certainly is something you can achieve with a Moai Stand. You can sometimes find yourself involved in difficult situations to install a TX1310, using an Engineos Moai you will win extra flexibility.
Expanding the capacity to re-locate your technology when needed makes the moai a versatile tool.


Simplifying your life is the goal at Engineos.
With a 10 Step process and a few conventional tools you can put together a Moai Stand that will support your Cisco Telepresence TX1310 technology.
Avoid waisting material, unnecessary time, money and efforts.
With an average timing of 30 minutes you can beat any traditional installation.


Purchasing a Moai Stand structure technology to go further. Re-Usable asset that can be set as Cap-ex on balance.
Overcoming quicker the installation requirements results on cheaper project management & manpower


Installing your TX1310 – 65 with a Moai, outperforms any traditional installation.
With an average timing of 30 minutes, installation and execution becomes faster and cheaper. Avoid noisy construction and disrruptive wall reinforcements and welcome relaible results.


Pairing your TX1310 with a Moai Structure creates added-value as it unrolls additional capabilites and scenarios for your technology to be used in new contexts. Imagine your TX1300-65 free-standing in a stylish enclosure. Unlash your full architectural creativity and come with numerous new applications and locations for your Cisco TelePresence.