We create athmosferes for Audio and Video Technolgies.

Our passion bonds Design, Architecture and Technology, to create the best workplaces for multimedia purposes.
Our goal is to simplify the life of our customers and improve the performance of their videocolaborative, audio and video products.

Green Spirit

We believe in sustainable development, so we work with Industrial energy saving procedures.

Made in Barcelona

We are established in the heart of the mediterraneum, in one of the world’s leading major global cities.

Product Engineering

We base our work in the principles of the engineering science to apply them on our products and services.

A little Bit About Us

Engineos is a young and dynamic company based in Barcelona (Spain) that born as private enterpreneurship in early 2010.
Specializing in the design, development, and distribution solutions for video and audio environments, Engineos has invested his first phase efforts to offer acoustic and isolation products made in metal, wood and multi-layer materials.

Our Philosophy

Following the multimedia principles, we design our own product line having in mind the end users needs. To do this we not only rely on market research, but we take onboard our customer feedback, include the custom solutions experience and of course insert a pinch of our own, to provide our products with the Engineos robust and reliable character.

How we work

The customers value the ease to develope of complex projects through unique points of contact.
The ones that have tried Engineos distinguish it for the relaivility and professional manner.

Our Skills













We Are Designers. We Are Engineers. We Are Neos.

Proactivity, Drive, Focus, are some of the elements that constitue Engineos
and makes the technical innovation to be part of the company’s strengths.

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